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Where we operate

We operate all across the United Kingdom. Contact us for more information.

Frequently asked Questions

Is there a minimum rental duration?

Our rental scheme has a minimum rental term of just 6 months. This offers a reasonable timeframe to experience the phone booths and meeting pods and to see how your team utilises the products. If you wish to terminate your subscription before the 6-month point, you can do so, but you will be billed for the entire 6 months.

What occurs after the minimum term concludes?
Once your minimum rental period is over, you have three options:

a. If the pods do not meet your needs, you can return them. We require 30 days notice to terminate the contract. We will arrange for collection from your workplace.

b. You can continue renting on a rolling basis and continue to pay on a monthly direct debit.

c. Request to buy the pods. Please get in touch and we will provide a quotation.

How does the payment process work?

The delivery and installation charges are billed at the point of order, along with 3 months rentals. Direct debit payments are then taken every month from month 4.

Who is eligible for our Pod Rent service?

Our service is available to organisations of all sizes in the UK. We have a short credit approval form that needs to be completed as part of the rental process.

Is the furniture brand new?

Renting is a sustainable practice, so the furniture items you rent may not be entirely brand new. However, we strive to ensure that all rental furniture is in ‘as-new’ condition with minimal signs of wear. Any damages will be pointed out at the time of delivery and signed off by both parties.

What happens when furniture is no longer reusable?

We are committed to avoiding premature disposal of furniture. Most furniture items can have an extended lifespan with proper care and refurbishment. In cases where an item is no longer suitable for rental, we either sell it second-hand or donate it to various charitable partners to ensure it continues to serve a purpose.