Rent Award-Winning Acoustic pods

Glass or plasterboard meeting rooms leak sound and usually end up in landfill when companies move premises. Acoustic phone booths and meeting pods are specifically designed to be soundproof, and can be moved within a room or to a new building if required.

We now know that excessive noise can create mental fatigue and distraction. A noisy workplace puts stress on employees, who struggle to concentrate and who must find ways to work around the problem. Many people wear headphones to help block out the background noise, but they are often seen as a barrier to creative thinking and collaboration. We have a solution – Rent a Pod.

We prolong the lifespan of phone booths and meeting pods by refurbishing them and giving them new homes.


Pods sold in UK (Over 8 Years)

Pods currently on rent (Over 2 Years)

What we offer

PodRent provides businesses with market-leading acoustic workspaces on a rental basis. Requiring neither investment nor long-term commitment, the rent service allows you to try the most soundproof booths on the market with minimum financial commitment. Our rental basis offers flexibility to scale up or down as the company grows or downsizes.

Our standard minimum rental term is 6 months, and is open ended. But if you have more bespoke requirements to rent a pod please get in touch.

The concept is built on circularity and flexibility, where every phone booth and meeting pod is carefully maintained and refurbished to extend its lifespan. Good for your business, your people and the planet.

Our Products

Highest rated accoustic performance

Phone Booths


Meeting Pods

Transform Your Workspace Effortlessly with Our Versatile Modular Office Pods.


Cost Effective

Our Prefabricated Office Pods, Phone Booths, and Meeting Rooms Offer Quiet, Distraction-Free Workspace Solutions, at a Fraction of Traditional Construction Costs.


Time Saving

Our Thoughtfully Designed Office Pods Guarantee Quick Setup, Eliminating the Hassle of Permitting and Contractor Management, All While Ensuring Safety.



Our Purpose-Built Office Pods Are Flexible, Adapting Seamlessly to Your Workspace, Effortlessly Relocatable to Different Office Areas or Even New Locations.